Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence


Control Robots

Robo Vision


Artificial Intelligence Scope

Machine Learning


Signal Processing

Fourier MSP



  • Analyze video stream to detect people or other objects
  • Track these objects’ position over time
  • Figure out where they go and what they do
  • Detect actions of interest


  • Watch the video, track actions of interest and differentiate

Augmented Reality

  • Create a better “Pokemon Go” or another stunning AR app



  • Break down an image to mark pixels belonging to different objects
  • Essential part of machine vision, vehicle autopilots and many other applications

Model Fitting

  • Find known objects in an image and figure out their properties
  • Measure other objects in the picture based on known data of the original object


  • Break down incoming image data into categories or learn specific features of an object

Internet Vision

  • Analyze resources available on the internet to infer stunning and unexpected features of an object

Object Detection

  • Quickly detect objects in an image for further analysis

Machine Learning

Neuronal Technologies

Genetic Algorithms

Numerical Analysis

Cellular Neural Networks

Bayesian Networks

Markov Networks

… and many others

All modern Machine Learning algorithms and developed tools are available to create innovative stunning products or to solve old problems.
  • What we use for learning our AI-models
  • 7 Computational Units.
    Each unit possesses the following features:
    Blade: GPU SuperBlade SBI-7127RG
    2 х CPU Intel Xeon E5-2650
    32 Gb RAM
    2x Tesla M2075 6 Gb RAM
    InfiniBand 4x QDR (40Gbps)
    Network 2x Gigabit Ethernet
  • The subcontrol has such characteristics as…
    Blade: Processor Blade SBI-7126T-S6
    2 х CPU Intel Xeon E5606
    24 Gb RAM
    2x SSD 80Gb
    4x HDD 300Gb
    InfiniBand 4x QDR (40Gbps)

What we’re currently up to

Track a person’s eye movement
Use recent mathematic and biomedical researches’ results to analyze these data.
Develop new standards to create innovative user interfaces made for eye tracking.

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