Lynix Software | Payments & Banking

Payments / Banking

Technology Highlights

Integration with external payment providers across all major platforms

(Stripe, Paypal, Visa CyberSource, AppStore, Play Market) / (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, web)

StripeVisa CyberSourcePayPalAppStorePlay StoreAppleAndroidWindows PhoneWeb

Integration with internal and external services

UI integration

(embedding new components into existing UI)

Integration with Service API

Integration with Service Database

Hardware Modules packed with Software

Mobile Applications can work tightly coupled with hardware modules

(Bluetooth LowEnergy, WiFi or headphones/USB connector)

Industry Specifics

Payment Services Architecture

High Load

Our systems are horizontally scalable and able to manage varying loads

High Availability and Failover

Our systems are able to function in stressful conditions


Our systems ensure that no sequence of events leads to broken or lost data


Modern encryption and security guidelines are vital to harden communication channels and protect restricted data

QA Automation


  • Full cycle automated testing / Continuous Integration
  • Ensure the system meets its functional requirements
  • Ensure the system does not suffer from development regressions
  • Ensure the system behaves in stressful scenarios and covers edge cases
  • Ensure external services' integration is always up-to-date
  • Ensure the system performance meets requirements and does not degrade during development

Unit Tests

  • Quick tests for modules and subsystems ensure they meet requirements and handle edge cases
  • UI interaction tests guarantee user interfaces are never broken or suffer from regressions

Nightly Tests

  • Functional tests ensure cross-module communication and end-user workflows are always stable and stay up to requirements.
  • Stress tests confirm expected behaviour in stressful scenarios (hardware failures, unusual system usage, critical load on vital components)
  • Load tests measure overall system performance and how new features affect it
  • Manual build verification is minimized


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