Flexible Advertising Channel For High Conversion Applications

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Executive Summary

Lynix Software is a software development company with a strong team of senior experts, catering for its global clientele with innovative cost-effective solutions across different industry verticals.We take you from potential to performance, help you develop your business with planning, architecture, design, development, QA and customer support.

For Clear Sight client Lynix has built a new flexible advertising channel for use in mobile and web applications.


Our customer is a large technology company, the leader in it's home country. Besides other things they manage a number of various widely popular web resources and mobile applications.

Executive Summary

Lynix Software is acting as a technology partner, working on an online marketing solution.

This huge user base is a natural market for advertisement campaigns. Users are very important for the Company, and it doesn’t want to spoil its reputation by showing them intrusive ad banners or non-selective information. Key characteristic for possible solution should be it’s natural placement along the content and overall non-intrusiveness.

The Company clearly sees a solution for this case: they want to deliver high-quality video ads from a selected elite vendors. These videos should not consume much traffic, fit existing application or page design, and follow certain business rules selected as most appropriate for one specific placement slot.

Unfortunately, current limitations of video playback in mobile browsers make none of this possible. These are fundamental constraints, which cannot be worked out by conventional methods. Worst of all, Company’s users use a rich family of mobile devices, and end limitations and implementation quirks are different for each target platform multiplied by a range of possible browsers installed.

Knowing this, still, the Company decided to try and approach this challenge. They partnered with us to find a possible solution.


Highlighted challenges for this project were:

- Ad materials are selected and delivered via VAST-compliant server, where VAST 3.0 is a modern standard for describing and delivering video advertisements and companion information. The standard itself is complex and big part of it is left for a sole discretion of an implementation.

- Unprecedented control over video and audio playback is required. Everything is controlled by a pluggable business rules, which must behave the same on each platform, disregarding its specifics

- The Player component should have a clear API to be easily pluggable into different contexts by Company s developers.

- The Player s should support modification by a selected designer to choose best view for a specific application.

- The Player should be flexible enough to implement rich business rules, which are selected and plugged in any combinations for a particular application.

- The Player should be workable on a rich family of various mobile and desktop devices, delivering same high quality user experience.

- We can only use Core Javascript, without helper frameworks or libraries like jQuery, since every bit of traffic should be saved for a user.

After technical research phase, a working solution was found and then successfully implemented, passing long round of user acceptance testing. We achieved it by applying advanced video and audio decoding techniques, and managing a mechanism of feature and device performance detection to confirm optimal performance in different environments.

As a result, a 2-component solution was proposed:

1. Embeddable Video Player component for including into Company’s applications. Component is created in three flavours: for use in web applications (javascript and HTML5), and two components for use in native iOS (Swift) or Android (Java) applications.

2. Configuration App for creating various design and behavior configurations, i.e. create different players for particular applications.


Configuration App enables users to configure all aspects of an ad player, and thanks to a rich mechanism of pluggable business rules, to create completely different video players, optimally matching specific placement details.

As a result of this work, our client received an exclusive innovative product, and opened new big market, not available to anyone else. Thanks to huge user base, precise targeting and well-selected placement, new product gained a lot of attention from Company’s partners, willing to get early access to a new service.

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