ad fire

Rich CMS for Online Marketing industry

  • Industry:Marketing and Advertising
  • Location:North America, Europe, Japan
  • Revenue:$139.5 Million
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    civic journals

    Public statistical data integration for civic innovation

  • Industry:Civic innovation
  • Location:USA
  • Revenue:non-profit
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    clever thing

    An integrated call center solution

  • Industry:Home Automation, IoT
  • Location:USA
  • Revenue:$5 Million
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    clear sight

    Flexible Advertising Channel for High Conversions Applications

  • Industry:Internet Services
  • Location:Japan
  • Revenue:$3.5 Million
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    em link

    Software/hardware solution for interactive museum tours

  • Industry:Interactive Solutions for Museums
  • Location:USA
  • Revenue:$1.5 Million
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    Mobile application

  • Industry:Job Search
  • Location:Israel
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    Big Data stack

    Web add

  • Industry:Web add
  • Location:USA
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    Complex learning system created with A.I. technology

  • Industry:Amazon
  • Location:USA
  • Revenue:136B USD
  • Employees:341.000
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