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React Native

Executive Summary

There has been a call for a mobile application (iOS & Android) which would allow to search for a temporary or permanent job. The application was created with ReactNative.


Lynix Software developed a mobile (iOS & Android) application to improve the process of job hunting. The application contains a list of temporary & permanent job options – and its functionality allows to communicate with employers, to identify a user’s location, to engage with a user via a mobile device’s camera, and to verify a phone number via an SMS message.

One of the job followers can specify his/her travel mode for convenience in usage. Besides, the user can do car sharing if a car is the way of traveling, depending on the number of vacant seats. The user can find a part-time job, check all the details including the address on a map and set a user’s departure point(city). There is also the possibility to invite friends and to share found job vacancies using native methods of the mobile device.


Lynix Software created a cutting-edge mobile product for Android & iOS operating systems by regularly keeping contact with Customer and making changes as their need arises. The application possesses high throughput and stability levels. Every implemented feature had been tested before the results were displayed to Customer.

React Native technology lets to develop applications for iOS and Android operating systems simultaneously, thus it allowed us to speed up the development process of the application.


During the development period the team shared their vision with Customer and brought some fresh ideas into the project. The result of the teamwork became an application of calibrated program logic which responds to both Customer’s and the market’s needs.

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